The story of Rolling Lawns Farm and the Milk House began four generations ago, in 1910, when Samuel Schmollinger started milking cows on his farm just a few miles south of Greenville, Illinois.  Ten years later, in 1920, Samuel became a member of the Holstein-Friesian Association of America and registered his first animal. When Harry Brown Turley married Samuel’s daughter, Vera, the Turley tradition was established, and the farm became known as Harry Turley and Sons. Thanks to the inspiration of Harry’s young son, Neal, the farm would soon be called Rolling Lawns Farm. Neal married Connie and they began a life together, fostering their herd of prize-winning registered Holsteins.

For over a century now, we are proud to carry the commitment to un-compromised animal husbandry. Our pure-bred Holsteins are like family, with bloodlines dating back to the 1800’s. Today, you’ll find several generations of Holstein cows living out long, healthy lives together on our farm.


To celebrate and share the provenance of the farm with all. We are passionately dedicated to the care and well-being of the registered Holstein cow.


We hope that you experience how fresh milk should taste, but more importantly, come to share our reverence for the registered Holstein cow.  Each day at the farm begins and ends with her and the promise of providing healthy, fresh milk to all who love it.

The difference is in the care.

When people try Rolling Lawns Farm Milk for the first time, they are often amazed by its incredible flavor. We believe that taking the absolute best care of our cows makes a difference in how the milk tastes. With all of the milk that we process coming from Rolling Lawns Farm just 8 miles away, we ensure a high quality freshness from our farm to your refrigerator.

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