Our Story

Begins on the Farm

Established in 1910 in Greenville, Illinois, Rolling Lawns Farm has been a labor of love for our family for over 100 years.  Raising our Holsteins using traditional animal husbandry practices, our cows truly are part of our family. And like our family, we have generations of Holsteins that are reared and nurtured, living out long, healthy lives together.

In 2012, Rolling lawns farm lost one of the family’s strongest visionaries and a true, Master Breeder, Neal Turley.  With a passion to carry on the Rolling Lawns Farm Holstein legacy, Neal’s son, Michael, left his  25-year corporate career, to fulfill his personal vision honor the Turley family, the Rolling Lawns Farm traditions, and the generations of hardworking Holsteins.


The Next Step

To ensure the highest quality standards and taste were being met, Michael and his wife, Jennifer, decided to “bet the farm” and go all in with vertically integrating operations of  the farm, dairy processing and product delivery to the end consumer.  This farm-to-table strategy would enable fulfillment of  delivering a superior dairy product.   In 2017,  they purchased a 25,000 square foot commercial property and converted it to a Grade A Dairy processing plant. On May 31, 2018, the first official processing run was completed.

Today, The Milk House is where we pay homage to our Turley family heritage, our farm, and our Holsteins by producing the freshest dairy products and bringing it straight to you.